How to Install a New Font onto Your Photo Booth Software in Windows 10

The fonts that you can choose from in your photo booth software are actually the fonts that are installed on your computer’s operating system. So if you are using Windows, the fonts that are installed in Windows are what your photo booth software allows you to choose from. So to make a new font available in your photo booth software, you have to install it in Windows. Once it’s installed in Windows, your photo booth software will then allow you to use it.

To install a font in Windows, just follow these steps.

  1. Download a new font from a reputable font website. Good sites that offer excellent, free fonts include and
  2. Once you download the new font, locate where you downloaded it to on your computer. It’s probably located in your “Downloads” folder, and it’s probably a zip file (a compressed file that you need to unzip to get access to the contents). Look for an icon that is a folder with a zipper (see the example below).

Download and install a font zip file on Windows 10.

Find the downloaded zip file, right click on it, and select “Extract All…” on the menu that appears.

How to extract and install a font zip file on Windows 10.

A window will appear asking you to choose where you would like to place the contents of the zip file that is extracted. If you press the “Extract” button, it will probably just place the contents in the same folder that the zip file is right now. You can go ahead and do this if you like by pressing the “Extract” button.

Extracting and unziping a font file to install it..

  1. A window will now appear on your screen showing the extracted contents of the zip file (if it doesn’t you can find the new folder that was created in the place you extracted the file – probably your “Downloads” folder. If there are a lot of files in your Downloads folder sort them by date to find the newest files. Your extracted font folder should be at the top). Look for the file or files that have an “A” on the icon or “Abg” on the file icon. If you can see a description of the file(s) (by pressing the “Details” View option), you might see something that says “font file.” These font files that have an “A” or “Abg” on the file icon are what you are after.

Installing font files on windows 10.

  1. Right click on each of the font files with the “A” or “Abg” on them and select “Install” on the menu that appears. Windows will then install each of the fonts for you as you install them like this.

The fastest way for how to install a font in windows 10.

  1. If your photo booth software is open, you’ll need to close it and then re-open it for these changes to take effect. When your photo booth software re-starts, it will automatically grab all the fonts that are installed on Windows and make them available to you in the software. You should now see your new font(s) in your photo booth software now.