Wedding Photo Booth Templates, Layouts, Designs & Photobooth Strips

No photoshoop required, and organized psd file included for photo booth templates.

We’re trying to make things really simple for you with our wedding photo booth templates. Our layouts don’t require Photoshop. They come ready to go in many popular colors as overlay and background image files. This allows you to be up and running in no time. However, if you would like the Photoshop files, we always include them as part of the wedding photobooth template package too.

Choose and download a wedding photo booth strip template which has the most ideal layout or design for the wedding photobooth you want to create. Click on any image below for a closer look or for more info about the template.


Elegant, chic, classy photo booth photo strip design for weddings with a silver frame layout on a white and black classic French pattern.
Simple, elegant wedding photobooth photostrip template layout in white and pink.
Chic, rustic, wood, wedding photobooth template layout with white hearts..

Postcard sized nautical wedding photobooth template layout.

A photobooth template layout for a simple, chic, elegant wedding celebration in pink.
A photobooth template layout for a classy, chic, elegant wedding celebration in white and silver.
A 4 photo photobooth template layout for a chic, elegant wedding celebration in white or pink.
Vintage, minimalist photo strip layout template with pink flowers and an aged, old paper look.


Fun, classy celebration photo booth photo strips for an anniversary, wedding, or corporate event.

Wedding roses and sparkle formal photostrip template layouts in white, pink, gold, and peach with gold and silver frills.

Elegant, postcard size 6x4 wedding photo booth template layout with pink roses, gold frills, and golden sparkles.
White and gold elegant wedding photo booth 4x6 template with glitter swirling pattern.
Black and gold wedding photo booth 4x6 template with glitter in swirl pattern.
Black glitter swirling pattern on a wedding photo booth 4x6 template design.

Photo booth template design using strings of outdoor garden party lights on rustic brown wood with elegant text.Simple rustic wood grain photobooth template layout designs.Rustic wood plank photo booth template layout design in brown and white.

Rustic wood plank photo booth template layout design with burlap and antlers.

2x6 inch rustic photo booth photostrip template made of wood and strings of outdoor party lights.


Vintage rustic wood and lace on photo booth photostrips with pink flowers and purple lilacs.




 – More Wedding Templates Will Be Added Here Soon –



What You Receive with Our Wedding Photo Booth Template Layouts

No photoshoop required. You do not need it.

PSD photoshop file included that is layered and organized. We also include a Photoshop Elements file and a Gimp file.

All 2×6 inch photo booth strip templates and 6×4 layouts come as either a 3 photo designs or as a 4 photo design. Here is what comes with each template download:

    • Variations of the template in different colors. The majority of our wedding templates come in a minimum of at least 5 different colors.
    • We supply you with an instant, ready-to-go version of each color variation so you can potentially have your photo strip layout ready for the wedding or reception within 15 minutes. All you need to do is load the template image into your photobooth system software, add some text (such as the names of the bride and groom along with the date), show your system where the photos the booth captures will be positioned on the template, do a test print, and you’re set to go!
    • Coming Soon: a step-by-step video to show you how to quickly and easily edit our photo strips and fully customize them even if you have no idea of how to use programs like Photoshop.
    • Photoshop (PSD) layered files and Gimp layered file so you can completely customize the photo booth template layout (on our instructional video, we show you how to do this in Gimp, a free version of Photoshop. You can download Gimp here for PC or Mac).
    • In the future, when we upgrade or make changes to any template design you buy, we’ll provide you with free access to download the upgraded version of the photo strip template. So if you bought a photo strip template today that only had room for a message at the bottom of the strip and next year we add a variation with room for a message at the top of the photo strip, we would notify you and provide you with a link to download the new variation (as an FYI, we plan to create new variations for almost all our templates).

Photobooth Systems ProStarra Photo Booth Templates, Designs, & Layouts are Compatible With

ProStarra’s wedding templates can be downloaded and used with all major photo booth software including Darkroom Booth, Breeze SystemsdslrBooth Pro, Social Booth, Sparkbooth Commerical, and Photoboof.

If you have any comments about this website or our templates or have suggestions on how we can make things better, please let us know. We’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts.